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2014 Trail Running Series 2014 Series Rankings as of Jan 21st
Iron Mountain 5 & 10 mile Results
Race the Base By Gender Age Group Overall
Mt Nebo Bench Trail Race results
Riverside Trail - 4.6 miles Age Group Results Overall Results
Spa City  - Corrected distance - 5 miles Results
2013 Trail Series 2013 Season End Rankings Here
Trial Run Series Rules
Race the Base Results Race Date 11/10/12
Mt Nebo Results Race Date 12/15/12
DeGray Results Race Date 1/12/13
Scout Results Race Date 1/26/13
Cadron Ridge Results Race Date 2/9/13
Spa City
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Overall Age Group
Race Date 3/17/13


2012 Race Stories
Series Ranking after Degray Trail Run 2012 Series End Rankings 6.25.12 Series Story
DeGray Lake Trail Run 6.24.12 Results
Cadron Ridge trail Run  2/18/2012 Results Story
Spa City 3/17/2012 Order of Finish
Age Group Story
Scout Trail 4/7/2012 Order of Finish Age Group Story
DeGray Trail Run June 24, 2012 Results to be posted mid day Tuesday,  June 26, 2012


2011 Order of Finish
Race awards/ Age Group
Cadron Ridge 1/29/11 Results Results
Scout Trail Run  2/26/11 Results Results
Spa City Trail Run 3/12/11
Results Results
DeGray Lake Trail Run 5/1/11 Results
Trail Run Rankings after 3 races Rankings Final Rankings to be posted soon